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February 04, 2016

2015: Transitory

I've grown so much this past year.

Looking at my past entries, I feel like my passive tone has always been the same. Calm, reflective, melancholic. It's strange to think how underneath all these years and years of accumulated experiences I am still the same me. A girl taking on the world with wide-eye wonder.

In the past year, I fought for the things I thought would be for the better. I made difficult decisions. I listened to myself. I did things that I'm not proud of. I took a chance. I kept fighting for that chance.

At a point in time I felt like I could not be any more lost in my life.

Twelve months ago, I was a very different person in a very different place. Two academic school terms, one graduation trip, a few months of figuring life out and halfway through a contract gig-- life has changed, and I want to think that I'm a happier person. As much as its a cliché and regardless of how shallow it sounds.

I started my year wanting to hone myself artistically- I'm glad to think that my lettering (and calligraphy) works have improved significantly from what they were a year ago, through doodling with my trusty pentel touch in my notes and sketchbook. I've also been hugely blessed with being able to fulfil my dream of pursuing design work, in its various forms.

The last two months of school gave me the space and freedom to enjoy the rest of my undergrad life, of which I'm thankful for. The new campus which we started to call home, the inaugural events that studded its various corners and the memories that started to fill up a blank slate which was once foreign and intimidating. Night fest, valentines', first month celebrations, 4th july, alice in wonderland tea party, open mic, halloween celebrations (although by then I've already graduated).

I remember the first few days of moving in, crashing the hostel orientation and just deciding to head to an open corner of school to stare at the night sky, tiny humans in a circle playing whacko and cars driving along. The numerous sunsets at the crossroads while walking home from school, and thereafter, the starless night skies.

Stepping out of school into the big working world was intimidating at first. I missed the familiarity of having a community to fall back to, a family of like-minded peers and common quirks. Slowly I began to appreciate diversity- meeting new people from all walks of life, who I have so much to learn from.

Hoping this new year will bring greater independence, professional growth and maturity.

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