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February 19, 2015

A Comforting Constant

Taking a three hour ride across the causeway has been a ritual every Chinese New Year. This year a thought struck me on how every ten years present an era of change- ten years ago I was still in primary school, and my brothers would be still toddlers and babies. Chinese New Year meant plaited hair, setting off firecrackers, kong ming deng and watching fireworks right at our doorsteps. Ten years onwards and it's almost as if the festive mood has gone with childlike wonder, and bai nian has simply become more of a formality.

Well, watching the firecrackers and fireworks at midnight still remain a constant.

What I really meant to say was, every cny reminds me of the passing of age. What is going to happen in ten years time? Will I have a new ritual? Will my concept of family change? We spend all our lives jumping through day-to-day hurdles that most often we forget that as we grow up, our elders grow old. This one constant for the past twenty years of my life will become a memory one day, and its a thought that I'm not quite ready to accept yet.

Pensive thoughts on the start of the new lunar year, not sure if that's inauspicious heh.

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