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January 19, 2015


I picked up a hobby this holiday- lettering. It felt liberating to stop staring at the computer screen for a while and concentrate on something more primitive. Felt a bit more like being human once again instead of a typing robot, or social media addict.

Wanted to keep this as a #dailylettering thing, but it's the 19th day of the year and I'm only at... number 9 *hides* Don't know when I will ever catch up given that the holidays are ending so soon.

It's nice to witness some rewarding progress after some practice, especially for a left handed letterer (when writing m's and n's are such a pain). Mostly using the Pentel water brush and Unida Yoko drawing brush, which is basically the only two tools I have so far. (note to self, buy more pens). Hopefully it's a practice I can keep up and there will be more of such photos again soon!


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