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November 17, 2014

An extraordinary ordinary birthday

Taking forever to actually have some spare time to pen out some thoughts.. The task list is never ending and everyone seems to always want something.

Shall start with the recess week that preceded hell week. A good break from the usual studies and hg duties, going for events to be inspired by the industry, spending some time with my love.

Next began the most intense week with three consecutive exams of subjects that I have been struggling so much with. On hindsight as my feelings about them have been diluted, it seems as if that my persistent "juewang" about them has impaired my preparation and eventual performance.

After clearing out my thoughts I realized the more important thing is to have an eventual takeaway from the course, more so than earning good grades. This term's courses really challenged me to understand the contents in depth instead of skimming the surface to survive a test. Will strive harder for the rest of this term!!

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