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September 11, 2014

An end to the new beginning

So...! It's officially the last week of this summer break and I feel that in the venn diagram of the things I wanted to do and the things that I've done this summer, there is absolutely. No. Overlap. At all. #sadface

Nonetheless, it was a good change from the hectic of a school term (which I am already starting to miss but not for a long time more I guess). In this summer I participated in a competition, took up pure design projects and went for scatterings of gatherings here and there. Looking at albums and albums of travelogues over my facebook feed, I can't help but feel a little melancholic, but it's a choice I've taken and the sacrifices I've made, I guess.

I'll be missing the daily family dinners which always tastes of home.

I've always liked flowers. They are so unassumingly pretty, never seeking attention but always quietly being there, blossoming and shining towards the sun. Kind of aware that this metaphor is kind of pushing it for something that doesn't move at all, but its just a vibe.

Part of what I'll miss about my workplace is this enchanting garden that spans across the midsection of nyp.

Another rotaract session that made me learn. Having newcomers in this session was refreshing, and from a newbie's perspective it's thought-provoking to ponder over what is it really that we are doing for these children. When I see them enjoying the simple fact of repeatedly dropping their self-made parachutes, running down the stairs and back up again, it made me reflect on what it means to have a sense of childlike wonder. Something that has been lost in this generation of children and smartphones.

Indulged in some good music at Bluejaz, which was atypically catering to a family crowd that day, with children running around and hipster aunties and their (less hipster-looking) musician husbands performing. It really brings home the old cliche of never judging a book by it's cover, as eight year old drummers rocked the house down and visually impaired singers and guitarists delivered one of the most heartwarming live performances I've encountered in a while.

Live music has always felt magical to me.

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