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August 17, 2014


I have a 2k internship report to finish plus a tightly overdue 5k essay to write right now but I'm mostly just terribly annoyed by many things going on in my world right now.

I guess the summer break has given a lot of us sort of a bird's eye view vision of how far the school has progressed from the day I stepped in. I still remember the day I walked into my interview session, excited and full of hope for a school with a blank slate. I heard so much (what I realise now to be) propaganda, so much vibrance about a promise for chance and innovation. For acceptance and openness to ideas.

I am a negative person myself, but things I have been observing and hearing increasingly irks me to much to an extent that I can no longer bring myself to hope or care any further. Perhaps it is the summer break that breaks the cohesiveness that we once worked towards, or a management that no longer has the vision of how we first started, or the batches of students with repelling magnetism.

From the confessions page, to #sntfl, to the lack of enthusiasm and attendance to initiatives all around, I think for a student who's been around, it's a sad state to be in, where many no longer take pride in building a school they once envisioned, where we have grown to become a community of acceptance rather than one that fights for the change they believe in, where most people rather spend the effort on pursuing their own private projects that to contribute to a community.

I feel like we have reached a breaking point, as I already have. It's becomes a school that grew too old too fast, almost like being subsumed under the stereotypical image of every other university, without the grounding of an establishment that still allows interests to prosper.

Perhaps its just me, feeling helpless with the things that held on to tightly as I joined this school, one lifeless and the other firing with resentment.

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