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June 15, 2014

Summertime joy

And in a blast, another month of summer has gone past. Photos do little to portray the busyness of this 'break', being half involved in interning, half involved in school activities, and some scattering of social meet ups in between.

Week 1: Karaoke with the s54 jc class, rotaract meetups, another karaoke session with sue-ann and elias

Week 2: Visit to Neko no Niwa (i.e. cat cafe)- adorable, adorable cats which are slightly too oblivious for my liking

Photo: Yiing

Week 3: Community service session I co-planned where we taught the children the octave scale, had a storytelling session and made musical instruments with rhythm activities! Glad this pilot turned out well, and my sleeping at four did not go to waste.

The past week has been the most eventful out of all the rest- going for taylor swift's red concert which was magical. My first ever concert experience found me to be quite enchanted by how fantasy and reality collided in those short span of two hours- having someone who only existed as mp3s and youtube videos transform to an actual, real life human being. I know I sound a bit ridiculous but it is just completely amazing to be listening and watching swift live, after growing up with her music for the past five/ six years.

Other than that, celebrated sue-ann's birthday and had a farewell dinner with the people who have been the constant to my university journey, the people whose friendship extended beyond work ;) Couldn't be more thankful, and when I think about being all alone in my pillar, I'm glad to have these friends to count on.

Photo: Jon

Ended the week with yet another spectacular event with the guardians- the induction ceremony symbolised with the lighting of pretty candles, complete with on-the-spot pancake making. While watching K boil tea granules, J lug a few liters of water cooler water from the campus ground, the rest of the guardians- some mixing Ribena and sparkling water, some reading off instructions off the pancake mix box as they are whisking away, and myself cutting lemons and squeezing the juice into boiling tea, I found myself quite amused.

I guess what I meant to say was, the heart that my fellow guardians have for events is incomparable to anyone I have ever known, and I'm so blessed to work alongside these crazy souls that fill up my schedule and explode my whatsapp like no other.

Photo: Robin

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