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June 05, 2014


These days I feel like I'm lost in a stratosphere of data visualization, ui/ux design, data processing and programming. I love all the potentials that this entire field brings- it's completely nothing to do with the degree that I'm taking yet sometimes I think how else can I take on a path like this in my life?

And yet, this field is so huge- so much room to specialise even further, but I can't decide how and where I want to go from here. On one hand, it's an exciting world with developers and hackathons- so much empowerment that comes with being in this generation of self-innovation. It's suffocating sometimes to feel that you are just a language away from making any idea into reality.

On the other hand, visual design seems so juvenile, so elementary for an engineering undergraduate to spend effort in. Yet I indulge so much in what I can create, although I'm just a novice with my copy and pasting skills, it fills me with so much joy and pride knowing I am capable of end products that are appreciated by many.

In my internship now I see the market value on both ends- transforming data into interpretive information for clients. It resonates so much in what I believe in- design for a better world (cliche as it is). I hope that I'll be able to find my balance point someday.

Maybe life would have been easier as an accountant, but I'm glad the way it is now.

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