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April 05, 2014


Life picking up pace; mid week a thought come to my mind- how I am so thankful for every person in my life right now, the ones who never left, the ones that became a part of it. 

This week saw the entrepreneurship forum finally coming to an end- and on hindsight I found that the team that founded the rotaract club will be stepping down -this never really occurred to me- and however we complain and rant about the things we have to do; the lackluster meetings with hazy plans; we still pulled through. 

Looking back to the things that this club has accomplished over two years- could have been better but it was in no way any short of awesome. I'm glad, and proud, but there's always a tugging feeling about how my life would be like if I embarked on another fifth row/cca journey.

In other news, I solemnly swear to stop being a sloth in the weeks to come.

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