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March 29, 2014

Retro viewfinder

Apologies for the extremely long hiatus- wanted to write a mid-term reflection but never really got down to it. This term started of with many uncertainties, on the internship, my future.. but I guess sometimes I tend to blow up my troubles and make them out much bigger to what they really seem.

Now that the first whirlwind of the term has passed I can sort of pen down some of my thoughts. Mid terms with thousands of assignments due, open house weekend right after, recess week, stairway supper, cracking my phone, a super terrible flu, etc etc etc. Made new friends and new companies for class, kind of indulging in the floating undergad thing of traditional unis- but when I'm seeking for escape I'll just go back to hostel and whip up a lunch of solitude.

Behavioral science tell us that we are creatures of rituals (at least that's what it says for our reading for this week)- I'm glad that I fall asleep everyday smiling and wake up to a hello. Love the fact that as our lives become intertwined it becomes a constant reminder to care and give, of being selfless.

The incoming term will see big things- organising and seeing two major school events come to fruition, the launch of my/our pet project which I've been working on for ages, 101 assignments and projects, finals and saying goodbye.

Got a new phone where #vsco finally works- enjoy the pretentious-looking/artsy fartsy pictures!

Homemade goodies;

6 degrees live-in-hostel novice cooks;


Midnight adventures;

Hostel happenings;

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