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January 03, 2014

2013; reminiscence

2013 was made up of three transitional periods, each being all too different- which is why I never really thought of the year as a whole. I remember myself being so apprehensive, yet hopeful, exactly one year ago- living in another country for four months and starting on my pillar year. Which didn't turn out to be as scary as I thought!

I guess this is the year I started growing up and being more independent. 

Survived yet another term close to no sleep- got a taste of programming, started taking care of myself, stopped living in shadows, and took a path to discovering the purpose behind the things I do.Term three seems like such a long time ago, and life was so vastly different then I can hardly remember it. Till now I still miss the homely environment of 2-2, but I guess it will forever remain as a distant memory.

Moved out of #04-309 after a year- no more toilet drama and pent-up frustrations. Bittersweet memories.

Embarked on something new- learning about user experience design in the weekdays, exploring new lands and scaling heights in the weekends. Life without practical worries. This is a lifestyle I am thankful of experiencing once in this lifetime.

1. Skies which bring a literal representation to the word 'enlightenment' in Hangzhou
2. Colourful lightshow at 瑶琳仙境 

3. The prettiest sunset in Wuzhen
4. Mountain climbing at Huangshan

Weekend getaways and midnight hotel crashings with this bunch! Rooming with lish for another four months, automatically turning to matt or cw for help in mandarin, being amused by how nishard uses chopsticks, cameo-ing in mad's perpetually on facetime, finding out quirky lifestyle habits of my classmates. 

The UX team. Thankful for the memories we spent while interning at Ali, travelling to Beijing and the crazy nights rushing work at the idi meeting room. Screaming 'YOU BELONG WITH MEEEEE' at the top of our lungs then sending the recording to our mentors over wechat. Nin-judging the guys whenever they do stupid things or make questionable remarks.

Came back to Singapore, made it a personal mission to spend more time and effort with family.


Traded my silky locks (haha) for bleached blue ah-lianish hair, which was one of the many stupid yoco (you only china once) things I did at the mainland. Had a simple but lovely (and totally unexpected) birthday celebration at the void deck courtesy of love :)

Started pillar year, splitting up with my freshmore class is one of the hardest thing to do, but I'm glad we still make avenues to stay in touch. Birthday celebrations come as a form of rallying people, and the pre-surprise stories are always full of laughter.

Mao's birthday

Yeehu's birthday

Started my term as a House Guardian, and experienced first hand the empowerment of change that comes with given responsibilities and duties. Staying up till ungodly hours for Halloween decorations and welfare packs, funny moments while undergoing first aid and counselling training, bi-weekly meetings which drag like crazy. The sense of fulfillment for being recognised for the things we do.

HG's at Halloween event 2013

Lastly, started the year with a rotaract camp, ended the year with another. Somehow it feels like the more similar the events were, the more distinct the differences. Learning thai, playing panda bear, karaoke for 5.5 hours and watching movies to the wee hours of the night/morning. In two days' time I will be flying overseas with this bunch, and as always, the sense of ambivalence overwhelms me.

Gift exchange!

Rotaract has always filled me with mind-aches and many days and nights of exasperation which are hard to explain. Perhaps with time and with patience, things will get better.

Guess that's a pretty succinct (but very incomplete guess which part is missing) version of how my 2013 went. Adios!

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