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December 21, 2013

Silver-lined films

Maybe not having the urge to write here anymore is part of growing up. Mundane yet sentimental memories. When people ask me 'what goes on in your school?', I feel tied up in face of their bidding troubles, school gossip, and uni life that feels like part of a more grown up world than from where I come from.

It's difficult to describe having a pumpkin carving session in the void deck, listing to christmas carols/ election speeches in the middle of the school campus, cultural night, playing blokus relay in sports day, packing and delivering exam welfare packages to an entire hostel block, feeding fish and having a meowing apartment.

Yet after another half term has passed- and I'm back here. Perhaps this is a place I come to to find closure, for the end of a term. And with that another chapter of an adventure passed, and its always interesting to see what's intrinsic of each term.. which I've become more tied up to speak of. Somehow. Haha.

This might signal the end for this blog after close to 7 years, but because I'm a traditionalist I can't bear to let this go yet. I don't know.

Okay this is abrupt end. Toodles!

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