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December 24, 2013

China Week 1; a photolog

Here's a insanely long backlog of photos, after exactly than 4 months after coming back from my exchange. Hopefully I can keep this up! 14 weeks is a very long time to keep a record of O.O

Day 1 (tue): 浙江紫金港校区 ZJU Zijingang Campus Tour

A view of the path we take to get to school everyday,
Bottom right: the gigantic school library

Left: idi, also known as the alp headquarters
Right 1: the road from idi to the canteen, Right 2: fishing pond (!)
Right 3: the aptly 月牙楼 where idi resides

The canteen system, electronic machine for pricing of each dish
So many people :O, probably the canteen alone has 5 time of our school population

Day 2 (wed): Localisation: 育英路 Yuying Road - 印象城 In City

Casa miel, the quaint bakery along yuying road
The rampant and thriving food delivery, fueled by the e-portal ele.me service

The 20 yuan dinner at 外婆家, CRAZILY cheap but quality food

Night walk after dinner

Day 3 (thu): 西湖曲院风荷 - 浙大玉泉校区 - 河坊街 - 胜利河美食街

Xihu in the damp weather, the misty atmosphere gives a sort of poetic feel
Pity to have only visited this place once throughout my exchange period :(

Day 4 (fri): 小河路(杭州扇博物馆) - 桥西直路 - 杭州西塘河台湾美食街 - 香积寺路食街

Fan museum, with high tech thingamajigs like green screen video technology and motion sensors

Having fun along a street lane very unlike Singapore's

Night food street! Yummy food like mini lobsters and banana prata;
pretty night lights (and reflections)

Day 5 (sat): 龙翔桥 - 湖滨路 - 平海路 - 中山中路 - 吴山天风 - 吴山广场 - 廷安路 - 吴山夜市

Registering for the transport (bike and bus) z-card at longxiang, lunch and gelish nails!

Night market scene, overpriced souvenir items and lots of haggling fun (and insane crowd) 

Photo credits: CEH, CJH


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