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November 03, 2013

We remember moments not days

Seven weeks passed by like lightning, every day looking forward to the next (except when there are exams haha), a different type of busy characterised by house activities, music theory lessons, idea and rotaract meetings, hostel life and star vista dinners.

Highlights and lowlights
  • Mid autumn festival frenzy
  • Littlefields factory optimisation simulation game, burning midnight oil and spurning excel graphs
  • OMS4 and sacrificing my probability exam the next day (with disastrous consequences)
  • Painting tombstones till 4 am, getting locked out of my own apartment and crashing on another apartment's sofa
  • Cip activity to hydroponics and goat farms
  • Learning celebration carnival
  • Standing sushi with leenie and crashing in her super amusing finance mod's project meeting
  • Forgetting to attempt (or read the questions for) 20% of my econs exam !#*&$%^&
  • Playing floorball again (!)
  • Mister Singapore pageant hahaha
I remember certain sundays just staring at the schedule for the next week, wondering how the world I will get through, but I guess time does miracles, or simply just doesn't care.

For someone who used to be so afraid of change, I guess I'm doing pretty well. In some ways I feel like I have been letting some things go too quick too fast, and the midst of rearranging my priorities I've become a bit befuddled on the things that matter. I want to put in my best in everything, but I only have twenty four hours in a day and I cannot afford to fall back again.


Nonetheless, after a week of recharging (and majorly slacking) (and sleeping on my new awesome bed), I'm kinda-but-not-really ready to take on the rest of this term! LEZZGOOOOOOOOOO

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