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August 23, 2013

Swan song

View from outside the campus window
Credits: Ben Lee

Day 103. It's here.

Recalling back to day 1 which was full of insecurities and anxiety, not knowing what to do and where to go in this beautifully chaotic country.

Compare it to now where I feel an unwavering sense of peace and contentment, and as always, I've learnt to become so comfortable here, with the little quirks in both its people and environment. Eleme, taobao, heiche, beautiful sunsets and a mountainy skyline everywhere you go.

Rather than adapting to the life here, I think I've grown attached to the person I have become - carefree, uninhibited, fearless, in some ways reckless and in many ways, unreal.

I keep mentioning that this is fantasy living and as it comes to an end, all I can hope for is that these memories be kept close to my heart (and yours) and to embrace this new, yet somewhat familiar, phase of life.

And that we continue to surprise each other every day.


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