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June 14, 2013

On Month 1 of ALP

1. Suzhou clouds 2. Pavillion at Yuanmingyuan, Beijing
3. Shililing, Suzhou 4. Product design book found at PageOne, Beijing
When I received the phonecall about being admitted to this uni and getting through this programme, I would have never for the life of me imagined that everything would turn out this way. In a good sense. Haha.

It has been an entire month since I've been here and I am really so, so grateful for everything that has happened so far. Would love to do a more detailed post someday on the places we've travelled- suzhou, shanghai, beijing- climbing mountains, enjoying beautiful scenery, eating street food, visiting temples and pavilions, indulging in Chinese culture.

On the course I'm enrolled to, I'm getting in touch with the graphic/ UX designer in me, learning about design tools, business behind e-commerce, data analytics, infographcics etc etc etc. Everything I love and a lot more.

It sounds like an absolute dream but as always, there will be times where I feel completely isolated, or that I'm not good enough. Times where I miss being back home, with my family and friends that played such a huge part to my school life, that I wish could be here to experience this with me. Whatsapp and facebook messages subtlety bring the distance a little closer- for a little while, until the conversation ends and you're left there, hanging, and back to the reality that is hangzhou.

But I guess its not all too bad there either haha.

The change in familiar company is also something that I'm slowly getting accustomed to. I feel like I'm constantly on a level up, characterizing myself (or rather, being characterised), thinking of comebacks, initiating things like karaoke (because karaoke is always awesome haha). Somehow 2-2 feels like a protective bubble haven amongst all the things I've been involved in ever since school ended- orientation, the exchange, UX- people belonging to the same school but being all too different.

And then there's a very confusing part to all this. A chess game which I do not know the rules to. What is the next move? What is it that I really want? What am I trying to do? What are you trying to do?

Don't really know what is going on.

Ending on a slightly happier note than the last time, with more hope and more excitement for the days ahead.

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