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May 22, 2013

Week 1: ZJ, HZ

Photo credit: CJH

First week of R&R in China went by in a flurry, and I guess I've grown more or less accustomed to the Chinese culture/ life/ food here. The streets still all look the same to me, being a direction retard that I am, and cycling here is an absolute nightmare with the haphazard traffic but I guess there's a sort of adrenaline rush which is kind of fun. Haha.

In a nutshell (and also for my own reference):
  • Day 0 (mon): Flying
  • Day 1 (tue): 浙江紫金港校区 ZJU Zijingang Campus Tour
  • Day 2 (wed): Localisation: 育英路 Yuying Road - 印象城 In City
  • Day 3 (thu): 西湖曲院风荷 - 浙大玉泉校区 - 河坊街 - 胜利河美食街
  • Day 4 (fri): 小河路(杭州扇博物馆) - 桥西直路 - 杭州西塘河台湾美食街 - 香积寺路食街
  • Day 5 (sat): 龙翔桥 - 湖滨路 - 平海路 - 中山中路 - 吴山天风 - 吴山广场 - 廷安路 - 吴山夜市
  • Day 6 (sun): 申花路 - 古墩路 - 西溪路 - 马家坞 - 状元峰 - 北高峰 - 财神庙 - 灵隐寺 - 武林路 - 武林夜市
Credit: CEH  
(because Chinese road names and landmarks are really confusing)

I ought to be photoshopping photo collages like I always do but always end up not finishing...

It was nice travelling with the zhejiang branch of the class, and in some ways we've gotten to known everyone better. Three more months here! It's hard to believe that just three weeks ago we were all just slogging away in the cohort classroom and few months back playing with amigobots.

Things I remember for week 1: (Y) china street food, atas mansion-like restaurant rooms, night market, the uncountable foresty/rivery/mountainy stuff, the countinuous 24/7 drizzle for four days, night market = bargaining in mandarin, museums bursting with culture, roads with no markings and (almost) no rules, electric vehicles, separate lanes for ev/bicycles, the crazy amount of honking and the sardine-packed buses ten times worse than sg's public buses.


As always, part of me is always thinking about things back home/school, things that went by without proper closure. Unspoken words and unspoken feelings. As a new chapter of my life begins here, I can only look at things back in sg through a viewfinder, and I guess it's unsettling/ heart-aching in a way.

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