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May 01, 2013

Wake up to the sound of your fleeting heart

These days are met with so much uncertainty. Uncertainty about the overseas exchange, uncertainty about pillar/ next term life, uncertainty about projects and club plans. Spent last week trying to clear up whatever I can and at least find solace in knowing that I have already tried my best. Next week will be madness trying to tie up everything before the trip.

Which I am partially psyched for given the getaway that it promises and the new people and work that I'm actually interested in, yet partially worrisome about all the logistical issues.

So many things that happened that I can't even begin to write about. Firstly, although with the same late nights and hecticness of school life, I find myself enjoying this term a lot more. I guess its also about the choices that you make, whether to bury yourself in work or to just let loose a little and do crazy stuff sometimes. Like staying up till 5 to discuss about random stuff. And unpacking tshirts and cutting paper when everyone else is mugging for exams.

It's hard to say if this is some form of escapism but I choose to believe that these are the things that will matter and be remembered years down the road.

It is 5am in the morning (again) and my sleep cycle is officially screwed up again. Thoughts running in my head, things that would have never crossed my mind, choices to make. Some of which intrigue and someone of which disappoint. I think the best option is to just surf through the tides and see where the currents bring me. No use being bothered over things that don't matter anymore.

"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none."

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