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May 05, 2013


In some ways it hasn't truly registered in me that this is the end of my Freshmore year.

Detachment has always been something I find hard to deal with. Huddled at the quiet corner in what will be one of the last times I can feel truly at ease in this classroom, looking over at the people coming in and out of school, waiting for the aqua tank to fill, I thought about change.

Change in transiting from jc to working life, from working life to uni life, adapting to new lifestyles, commitments, friends. I wonder if I have slowly evolved in my own way too throughout this year. From trying to be more initiated, to being more independent, to opening up and smiling more. To being a stronger person.

I feel truly blessed to be in this beloved and most amazing class of 12F06- where sharing and helping each other comes as a second nature, where mother earth becomes more than a figure of speech, where each individual is amazing in his/her own special way and I'm not even trying to be cheesy.

Words can't really describe how much I'll miss the life of this past one year. (Maybe not so much of term 2). Heh.

"Everyone has a time in their life where they wish everything would just stop. the world would stop turning & people would stop changing. because to them, at that time, everything was perfect.”

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