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May 15, 2013

Dawn: Day 1


It's been a mad rush since Finals ended and I haven't really got the peace of mind to blog. With finals, packing the classroom, provoking discussions, my sub-par results, the orientation (accounting) anarchy and finale night, hectic packing (which kind of only started 8 hours before the flight) and now I'm typing in my China hotel room thousands of miles away from home.

Madness. As everything settles down, I guess my heart is also trying find a place.

Every time in a new place you try to make yourself feel safe. And when you see everyone else adapting within a split second, being as if nothing has changed, it's just.. you just want to curl up and shut your eyes tight and hope that when you open them again you'll be back home.

I shall just focus on how what I'm going to do is what I really like and put my mind and soul into it and learn as much as possible and not care about the rest. Or try to. Or. Argh. Problem for another day.

Hoping for a better 102 days. Good night.

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