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March 30, 2013

Of cupcakes and fishes

I hate and I love that I forget about all the turmoils of the week because of how it ended so perfectly.

Maybe the most important thing is to rise above the system and believe that your own learning and welfare is greater than what it makes you out to be.

Celebrated Anusha's brirthday, birthday notes and customised fondant cupcakes, lunch at Senor Taco.

(Self-initiated) Marine Biology Field Trip @ S.E.A. Aquarium

Spent the evening being mesmerized and captivated by the beauty of marine life- sea urchins with white and black hair(spikes), a fish with the permanent :o expression, unicorn-fishes, a two metre long manta ray with the most adorable underside-happyface, sea apple that resembles a heart, the ultra alert bomb-looking fish that keeps darting everywhere, chocolate chip sea stars and pretty sea jellies that I can just stare at all day.

Times like these make me feel really grateful for where I am now, of the people I meet, of all the experiences and friendships that I've come to make so far.

I really don't want this term to end ;(

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