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March 17, 2013

My favourite things

Recess week flew by with a breather in the weekends, short-lived exhilaration that comes with the holiday mood (and unfulfilled plans), non-schoolish events that took place in school.

In less vague terms,
  1. Fish and co class dinner
  2. Orientation dry run
  3. Movie dinner with a really random bunch of classmates
  4. Fixing aquaponics
  5. Late night hangouts that I will really miss
  6. First aid training
  7. MEIT
  8. Good food with good company throughout the week
So much to say, so much to withhold until you can't decide on the distinction between the two.

I'll just leave it at how I really am grateful for this week, school life without the hectic-ness of academics. A few days of the peaceful atmosphere that the school term denies me of, without having to be around those whom you pretend to be close to but don't bother at all.

I'm also so grateful for all the late nights that I've spent in class, when the excitement of the day winds down and in a weird introvertic sense people transform to my favourite people.

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