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February 23, 2013

We omit things in life we just don't want to remember

Hello! I almost forgot about the existence of this blog oops.

I guess there are themes to each term here-

Term 1 was about new beginnings, hostel living, bonding with the apartment mates, singing sessions and home-cooked dinners. Term 2 was segregation, the lack of motivation to care about anything other than design, hard times that brought us back stronger than before, classroom culture.

Term 3 is slowly warming up to be a term that's like a calm sea with minor waves, as people settle down and  everyone gets their own profile. A stronger community that comes with familiarity; but yet it seems that without the lack of a common goal, and maybe with more competition, the atmosphere seems a little more tense than before.

For now, I'm just trying to get back what I lost last term- a sense of direction, purposeful work, being inspired, family time. Maybe exercise too but that that seems to be at a low point right now.. hmm.

So anyway, the past two weeks have been pretty exciting so far, as it always is with the start of each term. Valentine's was spent with a new perspective I guess? With the bazaar, anonymous letters, the random hype on fb confessions, I'm a bit confused as to what this day really stands for anymore. Spent the twilight crazily staying up until 5am in doing what I'm best at- things that no one else but me cares about.

Well, I do what I can :/

Late night runs with the classmates also went pretty well, a little awkward but amusing to say the least. Somehow I feel like it's a repeat of the s54 episode- people whom I'm close to by association, and when the association's over, it's like the bond's hardly even there :( I guess it's just in my nature to put up barricades that become so hard to cross, even for myself. Sigh...

Other than that, school as been plagued with back-to-back meetings and tests and whatnot. The commitments I've taken up so far seem to be exploding with potential, and on one side I'm so super excited to have it all unfold, on the other I'm always trying to look ahead to prevent, in all ways possible, a repeat of last term.

So well, life's been pretty good so far. Especially with Starbucks! Starbucks is the key to all goodness in life, hehe ^^

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