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February 09, 2013

3 cents'

Different events that occurred this past week made me rethink a lot about objectivity.

When we complain about things, how often is it that we consider it from the other parties' perspective, instead of shoving down our own bias-ness and unfair opinions down their throats? Being at the end where the attack was directed at (unbeknownst to the other party), I realised that we are all guilty of filling our own heads with concerns which are usually self-centered.

I guess what I learnt from this is that, most of the time, institutional decisions are made with the most idealistic intentions in mind, yet even the best of intentions are subjected to mutilation, to become the most vicious. Call me naive, but that's what I choose to believe in.

Sometimes with guidelines and frameworks to follow, hard choices have to be made, and these are often the exact some choices that you yourself will make under the same circumstances. There is really no right to pass on remarks purely based on pre-conceived judgement without understanding the full story.

Opinions. I don't like to be caught up in arguments or vehement discussions because most of the time, everyone has a valid point. The most reasonable thing to do would be to list out a venn diagram (but of course this is considered to be lame and unnecessary).

Yet in the heat of discussions, an extremely uncomfortable atmosphere rises up, where an unspoken (hehe pun) battle begins. It might not seem like so, but in trying to push for a point, one yearns for approval and support, ultimately in getting others to concede to your idea.

The worst thing that can happen in this case is for the situation to turn sour and condescending. Is there a limit to criticism before it becomes insult?

In trying to make an unpopular move and handle the situation single-handedly (which I believe so to be) with the most noble objective in mind, yet because of a trademark bias and a trademark way of offending people, this poor guy becomes bombarded with self-righteous opinions, as well as those who impose their ideals as if judging others who try to shield themselves from getting burnt.

Paradox of choice. Sometimes it's just best to leave things up to luck and hope for the best.

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