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January 03, 2013

Page Two

Day one of camp.

Picked the forfeit card, lost every single round of the games where you were supposed to get rid of the card, had to dance to Fantastic Baby by Big Bang thanks to the president's brilliant idea -.-

Made paper bags for a living, got brought to jail, went slightly crazy fighting with stupid Anusha who stole 150 dollars of fake money from my group, ended with a pretty bad scratch/ wound on my feet. But it was fun nevertheless. Also I got back the money. Haha.

Met the prime minister at the hawker center, took a photo with him which ended up being plastered practically everywhere on Facebook, and I just had to choose today to wear a Vietnam shirt. Genius. 3000 likes. Fml to the maximum.

Started late in the night game while dressing up the wound, entered the game arena and instantly got chased by two (and then three) people. How is a person with a leg injury supposed to outrun three people you tell me?!

Ended the day with the movie 'Life is beautiful'. Excellent movie. Only thing is I completely forgot I already watched it until the last scene ._.

So I guess today has been pretty eventful! Pretty extreme ups and downs if you ask me hahaha.

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