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January 10, 2013


Haven't been posting chronological events for a while now because I always feel that it is a bit intrusive/ stalkerish for the whole world to know what I've been up to.

Maybe I should be keeping an actual diary, but till then...!

Thursday 3/1: Full day of Pulau Ubin cycling. Super super tiring but I guess it was worth it with the fantastic view (took photo above!! with a lot of image filters though haha) and the burnt calories hehe.

Friday 4/1: Last of camp, danced gee gee to dancing queen, and I hope the video will never see the light of day haha. Also played the monet game which was slightly awkward with three other (super tall) guys..

Rushed off after camp to watch Les Mis! After which we had sesame ice cream, which tasted weird ._.

Saturday 5/1: Chill-out day with Leenie! Swimming and movies: You are the apple of my eye and Dark Shadows (and dozing off halfway haha)

Tuesday 8/1: Felt wool animals with the Kizuna peeps! Or in Asmi's words, the 'poke poke poke thing' hahaha. God knows how many needle pokes my fingers endured, eek. Anyway, mine is the white seal ^^ See it's blushing, so cute right!

Spent the twilight in 2-4 listening to a private karaoke session, and playing the Zombie/ Frankenstein board game with Xinmin and her classmates which was pretty fun! Haha. Wished the class had a late-night-stay-in-class-and-chill club :| (instead of stay-in-class-and-have-booze) Well..

Wednesday 9/1: Karaoke with the Kizuna peeps again at Teoheng!! After months and months of abstinence haha. So much love for karaoke! I wanna go again and again and again! And scream YOU BELONG WITH MEEE~!~!~! without a care in the world hahaha.

Actually I realise that school actually has a pretty good karaoke system with youtube, visualiser and microphones haha. Anyone wanna sing with me???

P.S. Feel like changing my blog layout but it's probably going to take an entire day if I do! Should I? ><

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