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January 07, 2013


These days I keep thinking that there is something out there that's bigger than myself.

It's 2013. I should be leaving things behind, moving on. Only that it's difficult to let go of some things.. difficult to break away from old habits.

Somehow this month has turned into a void- I'm supposed to be having a holiday, only that I'm not really supposed to. A part of me kind of wishes that school will just start now, but that would be an excuse for seeing everyone back in school again. (Irl.)

I feel so directionless- seeing people out there pursue their interests and passions and working on actual stuff, makes me really envious. I also want to work on stuff that can make me feel fulfilled. Accomplished, while actually enjoying myself. Having good company.

Not chasing and getting addicted to aimless drama and tumblring to no end.

...but I'm clueless right now.

Sorry for this incoherent post.

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