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December 26, 2012


At a latitude of 7:20 N above ground.

Bittersweet feelings on the plane ride home. Every time. Took a much needed getaway from Singapore, which I'm truly thankful about. Although I tried to let myself go and leave everything behind for the past ten days, when you're 6 hours of air flight away from everything that your life revolved around for the past 6 months, coupled with the unlikely company of university mates (of whom are all older than me and) I can never have- things just fall into perspective.

Not to mention the experiences that I've had during this Kizuna trip, which in a nutshell was to show participants the recovery progress and spirit of the Japanese towards the Great East Japanese Earthquake/ Tsunami/ Nuclear explosion.

1) Truly inspiring and 2) Making me feel like a small pebble of this entire universe.

(But more about that next time.)

When you're so blinded to the short-sighted problems and troubles laid out right in front of you, they become so unnecessarily overblown. This trip (especially my home stay) made me rediscover a simplicity of which I've become clouded by over time.

It pains me when my host family mother/ okasan talked about gratitude towards our parents and reminding us (my home stay roomie/ translator and I) to always take of our health. On the topic of ambitions, she said that she has lived a fulfilled life because she has achieved her life goal- seeing her children grow up and graduate and have families of their own.

This is something so traditional and so cliche, but it struck me how every parent just want their kids to be happy and healthy, and the sense of guilt overwhelms me.

Reflecting back to term 2, the haphazardness and amount of crazy that had gone completely straight off the roof, I realise that I've forgotten about 2 things- health and family (also my grades but that pales in comparison). I've forgone going back home, forgone meals, forgone sleep in favour of design.

If there is one thing I can make right next term, it is to never lose myself to anything else.

Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.

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