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November 01, 2012

If you're lost you can always be found

Spending a itsy bit of time blogging before my math mid terms tomorrow which I'm surprisingly (not in a good way) relaxed for.

Well because my maplestory analogy wasn't well received, I now feel like an evolved pokemon HAHA. After the major storm that is thankfully past and gone, I feel that there is an even greater challenge now to maintain things at status quo. It's like looking after your own back.

Often there are so many things that I want to voice out, to justify my stand, to steer things in the direction that I feel is the correct way. Yet there's this unspoken social tension (not sure if I'm thinking too much), urging me to pull back. No one knows what anyone thinks, especially with a poker face so much resembling your own.

Once bitten, twice shy, perhaps?

People can be so frustrating. When all you are looking for is objectivity, all these subjectivity weighs down upon you and you never can really tell what anyone is trying to say behind layers and layers of implied criticism. Sometimes I get lost myself.

Anyway, it's november. I just hope that it will be a smooth month.

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