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November 15, 2012


My lifestyle has been pretty much redefined by project 2 the past two days, sleeping earliest at 4am and waking at 12 noon on a Monday morning (remind me to not have that happen again).

A ringing alarm on my academic state continues to ring in my ears (yet I refuse to acknowledge it), instant messaging even when you are looking at the actual person right in the eye, the INCESSANT sighing, eating at block 34/ fusion, a homely atmosphere, and the strangely familiar (yet not really) late night company.

I'm glad that I chose to blog when I'm (sort of) in a neutral state and perspective right now. Latent issues continue to persist in the project team (but mostly just ignored and tossed around). Sometimes I feel totally engulfed in mediocrity and problems.

What I learnt and continually try to do is to think of the bigger picture. Visiting changi city point made me really excited for the future, as much as attending the information session on my prospective pillar. Exchange programs and the overseas community volunteer trip (MAJOR WANDERLUST NOW). So much uncertainty, but so much to learn and so much to discover. It's a new change, to look forward to the future.

One of the only promises left that isn't broken is the opportunity to do something that I care about. I guess it's something I'm holding on (tightly to) for now.

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