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September 25, 2012


Listening to: Everytime by Britney Spears (I never knew this song existed and S.H.E made a cover of it!)

Week in a round up:
  • Talk by Mike Perham on Tuesday, contempalated taking a fangirlish pic but.. just another moment-of-hesitation-and-poof-thing in my life. 
  • Mini vice on wednesday, feels like high level DnT and spa combined which saw me trembling on a tight rope between drilling a wrong dimension or cuting off my hand. 
  • Open mic on thursday was great, some sort like watching a movie, seeing magic spark off in front of you. Like going out to the wilderness and being mesmerized by starry fireflies. Catching a firefly out of so many others, trying to retain a bit of that magic with you, putting it into a jar and bringing it back, only to find out it died out on your way home. (I fail at being pretentious lol)
  • Science center on saturday.. kind of weird to have three hundred university students visiting science center on a saturday morning.
I realise when you are aiming for perfection, that work seems to be continuously multiplying, because you are always unsure, always needing to understand a bit more. Complete clarity is hard to attain, and so is the ease of mind that what you are doing is good enough. 

Up to now this term seems to have evolved to season two of ip life (reference from eileen haha). Design has been regrettably aimless yet all-consuming, but hopefully we will find a project that is worthwhile of our time soon.

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