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August 03, 2012

With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair

Listening to: It's Time Imagine Dragons

Finally some peace and quiet after this hectic week. I guess it's true what people say about introverts. People are tiring, no matter how little the interactions are. Especially when I'm sleeping after four every day.

Think I'm slowly morphing back into who I were before. (Or more like, I suddenly snapped.) Going auto-pilot in life, living each day as it is, nothing to hang on to, nothing to be upset about. It's almost like I'm looking at myself from third person perspective.

Life seems easier this way but it's really not how my university days are supposed to be like, is it?


For me, there are a few levels to knowing a person. Think I've blogged about it before, anyway here goes.

Firstly, you are introduced to the person. You see him/her in the best possible light, and you are compelled to respond in the best possible way. You pick out things from this person that inspire you, things that you want to learn from.

Then you start noticing flaws in the person, irks that sometimes overpower and blind you to everything else good about him/her. After all, no one is perfect. The hardest part of it all is to start accepting those flaws and understanding that every one has their own back story.

Sometimes I don't get that far. But I need to try.
(I wish that we could just all go back to step one.)

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