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August 31, 2012

Sweet disposition

I most recently realised that my entire life is made up of moments of hesitations.

It started with my driving lessons, where I would spend that extra few seconds wondering whether to upgear or whether it was ok to change road lanes.. and then my instructor would scold/comment that I was too indecisive and everything is all about timing. Once the moment has passed, it's gone and it's hard to get a similar opportunity again.

Every move is an action that triggers another, and you never know how things will turn out. Only until you can be absolutely certain of the outcome, can it be perfectly safe to do something-- by that time, it's probably too late.

And usually I'll be all "ahh, forget it".

I think it's got to do with risk taking. Near-death experiences with lane changing don't exactly count for nothing, just like the moments when I look back to what I say or do and regret badly.

Still, I need to take up a bit of risk and be more foolhardy, both in driving or in life. Being too safe will never get me anywhere.

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