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July 12, 2012

A world larger than us

Went for two talks today, made me think about this- why do issues that are so fundamentally wrong in our world continue to exist? 

I am inspired by those who have the drive and courage to fight for change. The realist in me looks at all the red tape, established structures that have outlasted their time, how money is the driving factor of the world... all these make individual efforts seem so insignificant. Yet there are people who are willing to take risks, spend time and effort to affect change in the community.

Another part of me is somewhat apprehensive about this C word, a word that is uttered ever so often (thanks to Obama). It seems like Change rewards a twisted type of power and control that is glorifed in our age; knowledge that one took charge of a revolution that bazooka-ed old models.

It cannot be that society is heading towards a completely wrong direction so much so that change is always needed right? Or is it just a word that is coined but carries no practical meaning other than to stir emotions in people?

I just think we should be a progressive society that recognises the value of the work of our predecessors rather than completely disregard it. 

Hmm, food for thought.

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