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July 23, 2012


This is how I feel right now. GARRRRRH!

Something I've been trying to do is (in the words of mao's friend) put a shoe in others' brains (or i.e. put myself in the shoes of a person lol). Finding things increasing of a big joke lately, people are really confusing.

On one hand I wish that we could just do away with courtesy and nice language and get to the point. So much thoughts contained in, always having to go through some sort of filtration system. It gets so frustrating.

On another hand, truths hurt most of the time. It's even more disheartening to be subject to so much criticism, much less criticism which aren't even constructive and are just plain wet blankets, bashing, shooting, putting down.

Whatever happened to fellowship, friendship, support networks? There isn't even place for basic respect now.

After being so careful with my words, I just find it sorely unfair that someone can find enough sense to be so ridiculously, outrightly disapproving of every single possible thing.

I am getting more irritated of having to put up with trash that aren't even going anywhere. Stagnant trash?

I am not making sense.

Good night.

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