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June 14, 2012

Status Quo

Today I made a decision that I somewhat regretted.

Afraid of trying out something new, afraid of power, afraid of control. All these should have been something that I'm over with by now.

Had a small revelation that who we are right here, right now, is the result of the choices we've made and the paths we chose to take. Life will never disappoint, but the more we compare, the more our confidence wavers, but things will remain at status quo. Why continue to dwell on the perceived inferiory when you have the chance to make your own experience the best that it can be?

In other news, still trying to find the perfect spot to study. Since yesterday, I have studied (or attempted to study) in the kitchen, on the couch, on the coffee table, in my room.. Maybe I should try the 24/7 classroom or void deck next!

P.S. So many clothes I wanna buy argh! T.T

P.P.S. Why are you reading my blog? Stalker!! Hahaha

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