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June 02, 2012

We write our own tales

I shall make more frequent attempts to update here.

It's the start of June, and I'm thinking, hey, I could get used to life in hostel. But one year is so short, yet so long. I guess I just have to embrace all these rapid changes as part of life.

Life so far has been quite full of extremes. During dark times I just huddle up in my bedroom, plug in to the tunes of mixtapes, and just completely cut myself off from the world. But thankfully in the hostel, moodiness can be converted to cheeriness just as easily, and laughter has become a staple in the house.

Last Saturday I met up with the Air Rifle peeps for Ryan's 21st! Pictures!

The amount/ variety of food was insane, and Ryan's younger brother and sister are just the most adorable kids I've ever seen. Daniella went around the room saying 'Guys can only talk to girls and girls can talk to both guys and girls!' and threw Shengchow in jail (one of the corners of the room) for talking to another guy. Russell stole Chiahhock's cap and the guys made him throw it in the air (multiple times), shouting 'ORD loh!'. Hilarious!

The past week was just insane amount of work, yet it was fun nevertheless. Had my first two offical unit exams (math and chemistry) yesterday and guess what faceplam-worthy thing I did? Writing my answers on the rough paper foolscap and not using the answer booklet at all. Zzz when am I ever going to get rid of my blurness? ><

P.S. The movie 'Perks of being a wallflower' is coming out in sept/ oct, with Emma Watson and Nina Dobrev!! Looking forward!

P.P.S. Ending off with something I drew on my galaxy note! Hehe trying to improve my drawing skills.

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