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June 10, 2012

First month celebrations!

My productivity level has reached absolute zilch so I guess I'll just blog here for a bit.

Last week was by far the most fun school week.. first month celebrations! It is seriously insane, the activities they plan for this school.

There was Mission Impossible on monday and tuesday (which took place during classes), with spazzing during lectures and a hide and seek game (with a live chicken) between the four stairways, Battle Royale and barbecue on wednesday, chilling at starbucks after dinner, impromptu midnight movie screening of 'Three Idiots' in one of the classrooms and sleepover in Mao's room on thursday haha.

It still puzzles me how it is even remotely possible to have a good balance of academics and still find time to have participate in all these activities. PLUS maintain the apartment in living condition (-.-) and cook dinner. There are not enough hours in a day!!

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