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May 11, 2012

School life


So for the person on formspring, I'm currently enrolled in university, typing this out in my hostel while waiting for my hair to dry.

It has been a whirlwind of changes since 27 April, and life for me has not really settled in as of now.

I've done some pretty insane stuff since getting here, like lying down on the sidewalk of bugis and dancing in an out of bounds fountain. I did the jumping thing that people do in a band concert (lol). I've listened to people who have maturity levels that are far beyond me.

I've learnt to wash my own clothes, cook my own dinner (still in progress though) and have become sort of OCD about cleaniness (sidenote: why is there always hair on the floor!?).

I'm still grappling with change, as new alliances are formed and initiatives are to be expected. It is unfair sometimes, when one thinks too much about social feedback. It's become almost like a handicap.

Most of all, I feel a bit isolated on this little island of three hundred odd people, people I find intriguing, but haven't yet identified with. I wish there were still people whom I can hold on to, but jc life has become a past that gets blurrier as time passes.

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