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May 13, 2012

No more dreaming

1. Udon for dinner 2. Moccahino and cherry melts
3. Hot chocolate and marshmellow 4. Fried soba and butter corn

心里还是有一种不踏实的感觉, 好像我不敢接受着将是我未来三年的生活.

Random sentences in Chinese because I do not know how to translate it.

Anyway, here are some of the noms which the house prepared over the past week, as well as drinks from macs, during our overnight Odyssey reading! (which I slept halfway though...)
"It is the law of our mortal nature, when we come to die. We no longer have sinews keeping the bones and flesh together; once life has departed from our white bones and flesh together, all is consumed by the fierce heat of the blazing fire, and the soul slips away like a dream and goes fluttering on its way" (XI 218-222)
On a random note, I lost 4 kg over the past two weeks here 0.0

Expect more pictures of food in the future because I am learning how to cook!!

Signing off,

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