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April 05, 2012

My foggy future

I believe in the law of attraction, on how when you truly believe in the possibility of something happening, the universe will naturally align itself to make that possibility into a reality. This revelation has slowly made me more careful of my thoughts, and more aware of the things that happen to me, things that I see and do.

At the start of this year I resolved to be more happy. I would say that it is working.. sort off? Although sometimes I still hide things under the carpet.. :/ When I read about negative posts/tweets, I get sort of shudder-y now, in a weird way. I suppose it is my own form of repel against these self-pitying stuff. So all's good haha :)


I'm not sure (and kind of disappointed) when something I yearn for so much is being undervalued by others. Almost like if it's too within my grasp, then there wouldn't be a challenge anymore, and the satisfaction when actually attaining it would be somewhat diminished.

Although of course it is kind of relieving to know that it's something that's really within the foreseeable future! Exciting! :D

It would be nice, though, if rewards come only after a certain amount of hard work, just enough to make me feel pleased with myself.

I guess it's like testing compatibility in 'certain cases'- where you want to feel like what you have is the best that you can get, and vice versa. Where what you have is worthy of your commitment, and you are not just something to 'settle for'.

Oh gosh this is so hard to write I am talking about my university courses okay! It is so annoying when people are all 'I'm having second thoughts about this' when they are already offered a place! And their results also not say very good also why still so wishy-washy about it! D<

Also, I filter my inbox (facebook, blogshops, vj spam) so much so that everything else that shows up as 'Inbox (#)' makes my heart jump! I just really hope that everything goes smoothly..

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