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April 02, 2012

Hold on to this lullaby

Hello! It's been a kind of a crazy week, rushing university apps, studying (kind of) for my final theory test, and meeting up with lovely people!

Caught the hunger games with delphine on monday. I guess it would be a better movie if you haven't read the book! If not, you would just be expecting things to happen, and disappointed if they didn't. Same with books/film adaptations like 'Norweigan Wood' and 'The Girl with the Dragon tattoo'.

But to be fair I did like how the capitol/district world was being portrayed, and the actors were all very good. And the computer room where the games are being controlled-super cool!


On thursday I went chilling with qi and leen (L). Credits from leen's iphone haha.

@liewnicorn Hitting croaches, Bishi bashi, monodeal and movie with lovelies @jingxin @ser_qi!!!!! ❤❤❤
Basically sums up what we did. Qi's club is a lovely chilling place! And I don't think I have ever played Bishi Bashi with anyone but these two haha. The only game I do decently well is the mechanical pencil one, which involves spamming the buttons at top speed -.-

I have no hand-eye coordication to save my life ): How to learn driving like that?


On the subject of the status of my life so far, I still find it pretty foreign to associate myself as an undergraduate, hmm. Applications are now done, next up would be interviews!! Of which I really need to prepare well -squirms-

I over-estimate time, which often seems to be running at a speed which is so much faster than I expect. My life at present is a constant battle between time and I.

In other news, I need to fix my own life before trying to meddle in others. I guess it is a universal rule that no one ever does the right thing, without having gone through life first. This includes playing Draw Something and forgetting to bring home the spa booklet (yet not giving a damn) before the day of the actual o'level spa.

Regret is a really sore pain that one has to carry for the rest of his/her life, yet most of the time it cannot be avoided. It is just so heartbreaking when you look at someone else heading in the identical (wrong) path that you've taken :/

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