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April 15, 2012

Diary entry, Apr 03, 2012

Credits to Li Lin ♥ Cherry blossoms!

I went for free cone day with Delphine! All the way at vivo. Took strawberry cheesecake which was not too bad.. But I don't really like the digestive biscuits. Ice creams should not disguise themselves as cheesecakes!

We went on a shopping frenzy after that at vivo, then at orchard's paragon and ion!! And then H&M! Madness. My legs felt like dying. We went to all the top shop/ Zara/ forever 21 there was.

Then for the first time I had dinner at Ding Tai Fung which had the awesome xiao long bao!! Not as awesome as the ones I've had in the famous shanghai place (although my memory may have been distorted by time but those xlb had straws!) but yummy nonetheless ^^ Had this noodle which was spammed with beef meat (with tendon!! Gross!) and ended up being soooo full! But satisfied heehee.

Went to sephora (also for the first time), which was totally like make up heaven!! Kind of fun putting on mascara and having lashes that hit my glasses haha.

First time going to H&M sg after the previous time in uk, and it still retains its place as my favourite shop ever!! Probably because it has the most white coloured and lacey items + are super comfortable! Also they are at decent/ realistic prices!

Ended up being a lot poorer and guilty... but materialistically happy. Spent so much more after saving that 10 bucks on b&j but it was all worth it ^^

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