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March 24, 2012


Last day of work was on friday!

This was my very first actual job, and it was a good experience! My colleagues were all super nice people, and I'm glad that I landed this job!

We went to Old Airport Road for dinner and it was my first time there. Ordered the usual carrot cake, hokkien mee, char kuay tiao... plus the BBQ stingray which was super yums!! Ended up being super full.

Also tried laoban tauhuey for the first time, after constant ravings of it a la "LAO BAN TAUHUEY!!! *twicpic*" It was not bad though, but I was too bloated to really appreciate it :/

Then we went to macs for another round of desert and started a series of camwhoring lol.

Even though this job was pretty irksome because of lousy hmm.. circumstances.. (read twitter: @jingxin I will swear off Windows 2000 for the rest of my life!!! Stupid grey taskbar, BE GONE!), I think I will miss it, much like many other the other things in life which are equally annoying yet equally memorable.

The limited choices for lunch break, my little workspace, the tiny netflix paper box which I made to use as a trash bin (which come to think of it I have not emptied, opps ><), the people in my department of a rainbow of nationalities, and how I am almost pro enough to play my computer keyboard like a piano with all those keyboard shortcuts which I picked up haha.

As well as the awesome temps in the office! I've not been in the company of a group of friends of which I enjoy in for a long time (ex-classes and ex-ccas practically only exist in the past)! So it was pretty nice (:

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