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March 02, 2012

Good night and good luck to you

When I was young I had an easy life
A good sense of wrong and right
I had a family home and a mother and father who cared
But when I see such a loveless face, falling from grace
It breaks my heart and it makes me think that life isn't fair

Good night and good luck to you
I'll raise my glass to the concept of understanding who I am
And how this can make a difference to the world
So complex, each boy, each girl
Five stars for asking a question
And walking away from it all

~ 5 stars, Sally Seltzmann
It has been a tired day for my head. Anxiousness, rushing all around the school, a sense that it is really over. Non-existing ties should be severed. Horrifically low expectations of myself which lead to.. indifference (for a lack of a better word) at the start. Pseudo cheeriness that dwindles away as the night approaches. But mostly, confusion.

Things unravel and things turn out to be where they are now. I don't really know what to do with my future with this paradigm shift, and no one empathises. Plans A B C and D have all suddenly become dubious.

What am I good at? What do I enjoy? In this venn diagram, where is the intersection??

For now, this life is a mess which needs to be sorted out. Tomorrow.


I would tell myself that I very well deserve this but.. miracles seemed to be given out like free candies today, but supply ran out and now I'm just a bitter (pun) kid at the end of the queue. I really worked as hard as them. I really did. I really did. I really did.

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