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January 23, 2012

fireworks/ firecrackers/ kongmingdeng

Every year, I go to across the border for Chinese new year.. I mentioned it before last year that the highlight of spending CNY there is having the entire sky lit with pretty fireworks, so close to you until hot paper scrap stuff actually fall from the sky.

This year, I took a video using my mediocre 2mp itouch camera. This is one of the further ones! When it's too near we have to hide under the shelter lol.

(Obviously it's not as grand, considering each family buy and light up their own fireworks.)

There were also firecrackers from the house across the road. Maybe I'll upload it soon!

These are the type of things we will never get to experience in Singapore. It is also what my childhood is made up of-

It's the first year without cny celebrations in school, and somehow memories of yesteryear keep flooding back.

From singing and blasting to cny songs in primary school, to lion dances on stage in secondary school, to class orientation in J1, tiger mascots, polariods and all. In comparison, it's been a (ironically, given the explosives) quiet new year this year without school.

The uncountable number of 孔明灯s look like twinkling stars in the night sky; reminded me of three things- 1. january 2010 in st. john's island 2. hopes and dreams (sort of) 3. that scene in rapunzel

Hehe anti-climatic ending ends here. Happy Dragon year!

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