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January 06, 2012

Tracing her way through the constellation

Brain playing to: Drops of Jupiter by Train

Hello, am here to talk about my work so far!

Well apart from the fact I have to wake up so early in the morning everyday, my computer (and only my computer) is a godforsaken windows OS without internet access, and how I'm slowly burning up precious time from this brimming teenage youth (hurhur more like fading), I'd say work is pretty good.

There's routine, the people there are nice and friendly, and the stuff I have to do is mostly brainless (well typical of admin work, sometimes my mind just drifts away and I forget there I'm at).

Except when I'm devising methods to increase productivity i.e. output per time #dilligentworker seriously! I have a excel file titled 'Shortcuts' haha.

Anyway, I guess what's valuable is just the experience of being in an office, doing a desk-bound job and seeing/feeling what it's like. There are people of high and low ranks, and there are people from so many different countries. It's a pretty cool dynamic (except that there's a particular Myanmar ringtone that drives me crazy).

I wonder how my career will turn out like. In a team-based work environment like this, I learnt how everything is part of a greater cause. At the end of the day, what makes one job any less noble than another?

Next time, my only wish is to find heart in what I do. It doesn't have to be extraordinary or anything, but I need to believe in it, that it is not just something I do to make a living. If this dream is dead, everything becomes pointless!

(I get so offended when someone tries to destroy this fantasy with practically.)


I try to make sad thoughts go away with this website. Also, I am honestly believing in the law of attraction.

I am now in a state of being in my own world and talking to myself.


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