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December 22, 2011

You will hold me in your eyes

Playing on blog: How the west was won by Katie Herzig

I wonder if everything is just a passing phase. Now that I've gone through the moe education system, I am uncertain of how much I've grown from it. Tutorials, school events, interactions.. while my attendance in school is always almost perfect, how often is it that my heart is present as well? Or has it been just a soulless existence?

Six years ago I entered secondary school. Three years ago by second brother did. Today was my third brother's turn. It has become almost like a routine, as we enter and depart from different institutions.

Is life like that too? At the end of the day, I most certainly do not want to just look back and think, 'oh, well, guess that's just over and done with'.

I guess we mark our place in this world by how much we've influenced other's lives, how many hearts we've conquered (not in the lovey-dovey sense).

-cues inconclusive ending-

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