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December 13, 2011


Been missing in action for too long. Often it's only when you are not supposed to do something, that you keen for it the most, no?

I like to think of myself as being in transition. I hate this feeling of uncertainty. It's like being in the process of cutting one's hair- knowing that change is about to occur and being so anxious about the outcome. But then hair can always be fixed, unlike life.

(and yes I went to cut my hair today heheh)

Somehow things are less scary when you put your (hair's) fate into someone else's hands. Is it because the blame can now be put on others?

Anyway, I am slowing inching towards this new lifestyle: apply for jobs, driving theory tests, doing whatever I want out of sudden bursts of enthusiasm i.e. jailbreaking my iTouch (recommendations for tweaks, paid apps, anyone?).

With every tiny step, things don't seem so hard anymore.

Feels like a part of the vjc life is still contained in twitter, but as always, all I can do is watch. Observe little snippets of others' lives, as plans are made and people meet. There is no longer an obligation to include, but neither is there a need to participate anymore.

I will work harder to hold on to the things and people who co-exist in the venn diagram of post-As versus pre-As. They are what matter the most, to me.

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