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December 26, 2011

Pray the wind will take me where the space meets up with time

My post As have been far from eventful, but just to break the monotony of entries that appear to be pretentious, there's what I have been up to:

City Hunter drama, twenty episodes, finished it within three days. Been feeling a little out of sorts after finishing it so fast, it's like everything has ended before I have given the story and characters any thought at all ): Should have slowed down!

Nonetheless, it's a really really (domudomu in korean) good show, and it's rarely I watch action dramas. But oh who cares, as long as Lee Min Ho is in it (;

It's also less of a cry fest as compared to bubujingxin- makes me wonder if touching scenes are largely due to the acting rather than the plot?

Christmas eve dinner

I love my mum; she spent an entire day preparing dinner even when we're not expecting guests. Dinner was delicious, as usual, even when turkey was humbly reduced to chicken, and the log cake was a typical sponge cake with chocolate covering.

Recently tried to learn guitar too- with limited success. The strings are so awfully difficult to press precisely, and no matter how I try, my chords are always out of tune ): The furthest progress I have made thus far is playing Ode to Joy.. not something to be proud of.

Pretty display

Went out with Sally on Christmas eve eve, which was a complete disaster (WHY DID IT HAVE TO RAIN) and errand running- sorry): It was so tiring I felt my legs would break!

We had Nando's for dinner (nando's is soooo overrated) and ice cream from Marbleslab Creamery for dessert. The amount of ice cream is insane- and gorging on ice cream is a torturing experience. I vow never to go for an ice cream buffet, no matter how much I love ice cream.

Also, finally, I have a job that starts on Tuesday! The only good thing about it is that it is within walking distance from teoheng. Hmm, maybe I will go for karaoke there after work to destress, hehe. God knows when I last went for karaoke, it think it was class gathering? Miss it so much):

Working = money $$$ :D I can think of a thousand and one things to buy...
shopping spree...
getaway to japan...

...and then I think of more practical stuff like driving lessons and university tuition and I'm like :/

Hopefully work doesn't kill me too much. Have a good last week of 2011 everyone!

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